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5 reasons you're still searching for wellness solutions

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Are you constantly searching for the ultimate wellbeing solution? Here's some reasons why...

1. Your idea of 'wellness' is narrow

Your wellness vision for yourself may be related to your physical health, however, what's going to truly move you closer to wellbeing may need to focus on the wider wellbeing picture (where the term 'holistic' comes from).

A Health Coach is trained to guide you through considering how all aspects of wellbeing may be affecting you and support you to make the necessary changes. Any new behaviours need to fit within your lifestyle and be enjoyable too or they simply won't 'stick', and the search will continue...

2. You believe the answer sits outside of you

It's normal to want others to have the answers for us. We often ignore the part within ourselves that know exactly what we need to do. Putting faith in others can sometimes be a scapegoat for taking responsibility for ourselves – i.e. “that person didn’t help me”, “that program wasn’t any good” etc. If we get quiet and eliminate what’s getting in the way we will know what we need to do. You know yourself best. A Health Coach guides you through the discovery process, provides the right information and accountability too.

3. You’re afraid of what you’ll find

What if you really examined your wellbeing in a holistic sense? Deep down do you believe that unhealthy habit is numbing difficult emotions? Or your job needs to change, or relationship? When will be the right time to address these issues? In 1 year, 5 years, 20 years? What will life be like if you don’t make any changes? More importantly, what's possible if you do? Google "The Top Five Regrets of the Dying" if you need some inspiration.

4. You need structure and accountability

Without structure and accountability you find it hard to prioritize time for you, let alone make sense of all the wellness information out there to work out what you 'should' be doing. Or perhaps you self-sabotage and give up when you start seeing results? Yes, this is a thing!

5. Society's expectations

When you think about it, societal norms place a huge amount of pressure on us to look and behave a certain way. The expectations placed on women regarding appearance especially can be time-consuming, expensive and a huge source of stress. Release some of this pressure by being more compassionate with yourself as you are and they’ll be a lot less ‘work’ to be done...Natural is in baby!

If you’d like support so you can finally stop searching for the ultimate wellness solution and achieve your wellbeing goals, get in touch on 021 265 7309 – I’d love to support you.

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