Health Coach Certificate (PreKure)

Graduate Diploma in Business Studies (Human Resources Management) (Massey University)

Diploma in Health Science (Naturopathic College of NZ)

Certificate in Mental Health and Nutrition (University of Canterbury)

Certificate in Human Sciences (Taranaki Polytech)

Recent Training:

Mental Health First Aid (St John)

Comprehensive First Aid (Red Cross)

Transactional Analysis 101 (Psychotherapy) (WTATI)

Foundations of Wellness Coaching (Wellness Coaching Australia)


Natural Health Practitioners of NZ - Health Coach


I'm Ange. I live in New Plymouth with my husband and our two school-aged children. I love my vege patch, walking, music, the beach, fresh food and a social drink. I struggle with the same pressures as anybody else - life gets busy and stressful sometimes.

Health challenges in my 20's and 30's made me stop to really take notice and led me to be interested in natural health and eventually health coaching. I now love supporting others navigate wellbeing challenges using the principles of holistic and natural health, incorporating evidence-based knowledge from modern medicine.

If you're ready to reduce the effects of a modern stressful life and focus on your wellbeing in new and meaningful ways, please get in touch - I'd love to support you.

Ange x

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