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Hi, I'm Ange. Our family lives in New Plymouth. Here's the cheesy part about what I'm into so you can get to know a little about me: My kids and husband, my vege patch, the up-and-down game of golf, music, our dog and anxious cat, the beach, intense documentaries or reality TV trash (nothing in between lol).

I've experienced both mental and physical health challenges over the years. What I've learned is that being our best mentally and physically is a daily commitment, moment by moment, lots of little choices that add up over time. And that everyone is different, so staying curious is one of the most valuable skills I have as a health coach.

One of my personal challenges has been generalised anxiety. In the past I've tried desperately to get rid of anxiety only to find things getting worse the more I tried to fight it. What was the answer if getting rid of the anxiety wasn't working? Surely I could control, outrun or outsmart this?

Fast-forward quite a few years and a ton of learning, I now support others as a PREKURE health and mental health coach.

Working in partnership with you, I will ask the right questions. I will support you. You will have space to figure out your next step, then the next...


Book your no-obligation and confidential discussion here.

Ange x

PREKURE mental health coach
Prekure health coach
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