In these challenging times, taking good care of your team has become more than just best practice. It could mean so much more to an individual who needs some extra support.

I saw first-hand through my prior experience working in Human Resources how employee health and wellbeing could generate a range of potentially negative and costly impacts on the workplace.


Work performance and engagement is affected by the overall wellbeing of the employee.

Absenteeism is measurable and well understood. 'Presenteeism' (the lost productivity that occurs when employees are at work but not fully functioning because of an illness, injury, or other condition) is common and often not well managed, through no fault of the workplace or manager - people and their wellbeing is a complex area!

For many reasons, employees may find it difficult to have open discussions with their employer regarding their wellbeing. Having a trained professional who can listen, treat confidentially, and support through wellbeing challenges can lead to positive outcomes for both parties, and the wider team too.

Seeing the need for more accessible and empathetic workplace wellbeing solutions was in part the catalyst for starting my Health & Wellness coaching business.

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According to Southern Cross -


92% of professionals say it is very or somewhat important for them to work for an employer that offers a workplace wellness programme 

87% of professionals agree that an organisation’s workplace wellness policy is important when considering new opportunities

Mental illness is the most prevalent health condition affecting NZ staff (46% of all conditions).

Are wellness initiatives good for business?

Showing your employees you truly care can boost morale, productivity, engagement and team culture.

Research commissioned by Xero and conducted by the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER) shows investing in employee wellbeing can significantly improve business profitability. The research showed that for every dollar a small business owner invests in company-wide wellbeing initiatives for their staff, they can expect to see a return of up to 12x within a year. See the full article and links to the research findings here.

​If you’re wanting to support your employees but are unsure or under-resourced in this area, let's work together to tailor a solution for your workplace.

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People bring their whole self to work.

Support your team to be healthier and more engaged in all aspects of their life


One-on-one support

A wellness coaching program where individuals can get the extra support they need. Proven health coaching techniques are used to support positive behaviour change - whatever the goal of the client.

Health & Wellness Coaching is available to workplaces onsite, online, or from my coaching space, in a safe and supportive setting.

Workplace Wellbeing Strategy

Develop a Wellbeing Strategy for your workplace.


You will be lead through this process, defining what's important to your people and developing an effective and meaningful wellbeing tool to support your team.




What's most important to your workgroup when it comes to wellbeing? Tailor a solution - one or a series of workshop-style wellbeing sessions delivered in your workplace or offsite to small groups. Great for promoting wellbeing awareness in your teams.