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"What helps people, helps business"

- Leo Burnett

Angela Byelich health coach

Working previously as a HR generalist, I saw the need for more effective ways to support wellbeing in the workplace. I now partner with workplaces to offer wellbeing services - initiatives designed to make a difference.​


If you’re looking for ways to support your teams, but are unsure or under-resourced in this area, I can help.

Let's connect and discuss your needs.



A coaching program where individuals receive personalised wellbeing support. Health coaching for mental wellbeing,  pre/diabetes, health-first weight management, reducing alcohol use, sleep problems, improving nutrition - these are all within my scope of practice.

Health & Wellness Coaching is available to workplaces onsite or online, in a safe and supportive setting.


Putting on the 'wellbeing hat' can be overwhelming. Perhaps you have wellbeing resources on hand but need someone to talk to, to generate some new ideas, or reassurance that you're on the right track.

Confidential discussion and support.


Great for promoting wellbeing in your team. Sessions are full of storytelling, real-life examples and practical exercises. Delivered in your workplace, online,  or your favourite event venue.

These are being continuously developed according to demand. Get in touch to tailor a solution for your team.

Are wellbeing initiatives good for business?

It's good to know that taking care of your people is also good for the bottom line.


Research commissioned by Xero and conducted by the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER) showed that for every dollar a small business owner invests in company-wide wellbeing initiatives, they can expect to see a return of between 5:1 and 12:1 within a year. See the full article and links to the research findings here.

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