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What is health coaching?

Health coaches are experts in behaviour change. This really is key, as we have all the wellbeing information we could ever need at our fingertips, but often lack the ability to translate knowledge into action and sustainable outcomes. Why is that?


Skilled Health Coaches understand how behaviour change works and can support people to achieve their life and wellbeing goals. This is achieved through connection, trust, curiosity, intuition, provoking conversation, and tapping into your internal motivation. This person-centred and holistic approach to enhancing wellbeing recognises that you are the expert on you. You won't get told what to do!

Health coaches have skills, knowledge and training in different aspects of wellbeing. Mine is in holistic mental wellbeing and I specialise in Anxiety.

Health coaching

The coach-approach to wellbeing is...


Acknowledging and staying curious about all aspects of your life that contribute to your wellbeing - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual

Lived experience

With a lived experience of mental health challenges, I can empathise with where you're at. You can read more about this here.


What's happened to you in life up to this point is important and needs to be acknowledged. Coaching focuses on the future and what's possible for you going forward.


I offer sessions online, in-person and outdoors. Need time in nature? Let's go!


As a PREKURE certified Health Coach, I'm guided by the latest evidence-based health information and know how to interpret scientific research accurately.

The missing link?

If you feel like you've tried everything but still feel stuck, Health Coaching may be the missing link.

The scope of practice of a Health Coach

What I can and can't do as your Health Coach:


My skills, knowledge and training is suitable for supporting others experiencing mild to moderate anxiety and depression symptoms or diagnosis.


I take a trauma-responsive approach to my work, however, delving into past trauma or psychological injuries is beyond my scope of practice. If during our sessions I recognise that psychological therapy may be a recommendation for you, I may initiate a conversation about referring you on to a suitably qualified health care professional. Working alongside a health coach while receiving psychological therapy can be effective.

I am not licensed to diagnose, prescribe or de-prescribe medication, or advise clients to alter their treatment plan from their usual healthcare provider. I can, however, offer support and guidance on how you might go about having these conversations with your healthcare provider if you wish.

As a PREKURE certified Mental Health Coach, I undergo an annual recertification process that includes twenty hours of Continued Professional Development (CPD) and a minimum of four annual Coaching Supervision sessions to ensure my knowledge and skills remain current.

I agree to maintain the code of conduct and standards of behaviour established by the Health Coaches Australia NZ Association (HCANZA) of which I am a professional member. Click here to view these standards.

Please don't hesitate to get the support you need, whether that be from this or another service.

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