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2021...the year of doing things differently?

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Are you wanting to do things differently in 2021? Here's my top 5 tips for living with greater energy & ease, in what is a crazy old world right now!

Calm the body

While we’re busy dealing with many stressors throughout the day, our body is in the background having a series of physiological stress responses. Over time this can accumulate and we can get stuck in a cycle of stress. We can get so accustomed to living in a stress response state that it feels uncomfortable or unfamiliar if our day isn’t packed full of stressors – we’ve forgotten how to not be stressed! We may even seek out new stressors just to maintain that familiar feeling! Countering our stress response with regular relaxation responses can make a huge difference to a wide range of contemporary health problems - sleep, skin, digestive issues, autoimmune, weight. The benefits of regular relaxation can extend to other areas of life too like productivity and relationships.

Simplify life where you can

Life has become so complicated, most of which we have some control over. Obligations, saying yes when you really mean no, routine tasks, even ‘self-care’ appointments can all add stress to the day. Reducing stress through living a simplified life is possible. Besides, what good are life’s luxuries if you have little time or the state of health to enjoy them? Lockdown, although so restrictive, showed us how little we actually need to function and how connection with others is what we really miss.

Eat and drink what makes you feel good

If you pay attention, you’ll get to know what foods make you feel good, and what makes you feel tired, irritable or leaves you craving. Generally speaking, so long as the body is functioning well and no allergy is present, most foods can be tolerated and it’s unnecessary to rule out entire food groups or follow a strict eating plan. Instead, lean towards fresh wholefoods and eat intuitively, which means getting to know the difference between actual hunger and emotional/boredom hunger. Stop obsessing and start enjoying food for what it is – to sustain us and one of life’s pleasures!

Big picture thinking

We so easily get caught up in the minuscule details of everyday life that it very easily becomes overwhelming. Step back often and take a wider perspective on your life. How do you want to be remembered? Have you been living in a way you truly desire? Going through the motions in life can become stressful in itself.

Carve out time for yourself every day, no matter how busy (you think) you are

There will always be more things to get done. We don’t question or feel guilty about the time we put aside for showering, and other practices to care for ourselves should be no different. Find what you enjoy – a breathing exercise, a few yoga stretches, a walk or jog, massage, meditation, phone a friend – whatever. These daily practices can have the same importance as showering! If you’re already feeling stretched for time, self-care can simply be 5 minutes of feet up, eyes closed and deep breaths – no appointment, parking or rushing to get anywhere needed. 5 minutes each day can make a difference.

If you’d like to be supported to achieve your wellbeing goals, get in touch on 021 265 7309 – I’d love to work with you.

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