Lasting lifestyle change begins in the mind. 

Health Coaching uses many proven behaviour change techniques to explore the unique picture of your wellbeing in a supportive partnership.

Experience the benefits of Health and Wellness Coaching


Accelerate the change process


Restore energy


Reduce reliance on sleep or anti-anxiety medications


Gain focus


Develop tools to keep improving your wellbeing

beyond our time together

" A truly holistic approach to burnout is needed - there's no point putting out a fire in the lounge while the kitchen blazes on! "

What to expect

Client Registration and First Session

I'll listen carefully to understand your wellbeing challenges - what brings you here. You'll identify how you'd like things to be different.

Using an holistic approach, together we'll look at all aspects of your life that contribute to your wellbeing. I'll get to know your strengths and what's most important to you.

Weekly Sessions

With new focus we can prioritise the areas most relevant to getting you thriving again. I'll use proven health coaching techniques and provide evidence-based health and wellness information and practical exercises - all designed to move you out of fight/flight mode and into a more sustainable state of health.


I'll challenge you when needed and provide both support and accountability.

Referrals will be made to another practitioner if care is needed outside my scope of practice (I often work with clients alongside other health professionals).

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Premium package $1099

This package includes:


  • 8 x Health Coaching sessions (1 hr)

  • Tailored Resources

  • In-session meditations for stress reduction & focus

  • Weekly email follow-up

  • Unlimited email support 

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Standard package $599

This package includes:


  • 6 health coaching sessions (45 mins)

  • Tailored resources

  • Weekly email follow up 

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