Can I book a one-off appointment with you?

Sorry no, I don't offer one-off sessions (except for my FREE sample session - book now!). Due to the nature of the work there needs to be a longer-term commitment from the client.

Why is your program a minimum of 6 sessions?

Imbalance develops over time so patience is needed when it comes to restoring balance. Experience suggests that this is the minimum time needed to identify needs, create focus, try a new approach, get confident with and embed new habits. Some clients stay working with me longer as they continue to benefit.

How do I know I'll get value from your program?

We'll work together as a team so you can achieve much more than you would do alone or with an 'off the shelf' or online product or service. The work we do together is designed to benefit you not only now but in the future, setting you up for long-lasting improvements to your wellbeing. You are so worth it!

How do I know we'll work well together?

Contact me for a no-obligation free session to get a feel for how we could work together.