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Client Stories

“In need of new tricks”

This client was looking for structure, motivation and accountability as well as current best practice regarding wellness. She lives with an autoimmune condition that is managed through careful diet and lifestyle choices. She came to me feeling anxious and searching for what else she could be doing to keep herself well. Together we came up with a plan. I was able to show her strategies for reducing inflammation that she hadn’t tried before. Finding time for daily relaxation was a challenge for this busy business owner and mum, so again simple strategies that could slot into her day were key. Using these strategies over time, along with accountability and connection between coach and client, energy levels have improved and she feels more calm, energised, confident and has a good framework for proactively managing her condition into the future.


“Burned out, confused, and fed up”

This client came to me absolutely fed up with being tired, with no energy for anything other than her workday. Alongside the testing she was working through with her GP, we examined the wide range of factors that could be causing her fatigue, focusing on what was within her control. Her food diary showed the timing of her meals was causing slumps in energy. Identifying foods that could provide a slow release of energy that she actually liked and that could fit into her busy morning was important. Other strategies included altering meal prep, increasing water intake (even mild dehydration can cause fatigue), and having nutritious snacks on hand at work and in the car for the times when she didn’t have time to stop. Strategies to improve digestion were important for this client as was changing her form of exercise. She added in a morning or evening walk (sun, fresh air) and a yoga class to help with stress management and increasing the mind-body connection. I really enjoyed customizing her program and was really impressed with her dedication throughout the 8 weeks. This client left the program more confident in taking charge of her health needs and with greater energy for life outside of work.

 “Menopause and anxiety”

This client had begun to feel increasingly anxious ‘for no reason’ and more sluggish than usual. Understanding the changes that occur when peri/menopausal, we worked together on tweaking her lifestyle to support her naturally through this phase. She wanted to reduce her reliance on coffee and alcohol as coping tools. She took a few small steps to begin, then each positive change led to another. Herbal supplements to support menopause have worked well for this client as well as committing to daily relaxation techniques. Work/Life Purpose was another area where we focused and she has made brave changes in this area. She reports having more sustained energy throughout the day and into the evenings and she’s exercising regularly again. She says she feels a lot more resilient and can recognize now when anxiety is rising and is using techniques when this happens. She has begun to accept and really enjoy this phase of life.

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